Where the money goes

The money you raise by taking on the Ration Challenge will help support Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan, having fled eight years of conflict and violence in their own country.

You will help provide food rations, medicine and education for Syrian refugees; and support the ongoing work of CWS to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives in safety.


Over 11 million Syrian people – nearly half the country’s population – have been displaced because of war. They are some of the world’s most vulnerable people; mothers and fathers struggling to feed their children; sons and daughters missing out on an education; people dying for want of basic medical care and families who, after losing everything, are not getting the support they deserve to rebuild their lives.

The money you raise will help provide food ration packs to the most vulnerable – the same food you’ll be eating during the Challenge – as well as education, healthcare and psychosocial support.

Emergency hygiene kits that contain clothing, soap and sanitary items help people living in camps maintain health and prevent disease.

Community medical days each month provide hundreds of refugees with life-saving access to specialist care.

Education forums for children help them continue their education and counseling support helps refugees deal with the trauma they’ve been through.